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No more boring packed lunch! Get creative in making your own Bento Baon Box, a surely fun and healthy combo that your kids will surely enjoy! 

Bundle Inclusions:

Gratify Pretzel Twists Gluten Free 300g
Are you ready for a new twist on an American classic? An all-time favorite, our braided, gluten free pretzels are dusted with pure sea salt and baked to crisp perfection. 

Nestle Crunch Nuts 16g
A light and crispy wafer coated in chocolate and peanuts to give extra CRUNCH at every bite. Crispy peanuts complements the crunchy wafer which frees you from the otherwise common routine.

Chuckie Opti-Grow Baon Saver's Pack 180ml x6

CHUCKIE Chocolate Milk Drink, my chocolatey buddy, has OPTI-GROW: a combination of CALCIUM that helps in bone development, VITAMIN D to help bones absorb Calcium, plus IRON and ZINC to help your child's cognitive development. 

Koko Krunch Breakfast Cereal 500g
Nestlé KOKO KRUNCH is a chocolate flavoured wheat curls breakfast cereal. It's made with whole grain as its No.1 ingredient and has vitamins, iron, and calcium to give you a good start to your day!

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