Fruity Breakfast Bunch

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Start your day with a quick fruity breakfast to keep you energized through out the day. Pair it with your favorite Choco Milky buddy to complete the nutrition you'll need for the day! 

Bundle Inclusions:

Nestlé Fresh Milk

Nestlé Fresh Milk is made from 100% Fresh Cow's Milk. This means you get milk that's as good as having it straight from the source - pure, fresh, creamy, and deliciously nutritious. Nourish your body with the creamy goodness of milk!

Trix Breakfast Cereal 330g
Trix is a delicious breakfast cereal with fruity flavored corn puffs that the entire family will enjoy. It's a pantry staple for breakfast that's a sweet, crunchy cereal. Enjoy the fun flavors with milk or by themselves for a school snack. 

Nestle Chuckie Opti-Grow Baon Saver's Pack 6 x 250ml

CHUCKIE Chocolate Milk Drink, my Choco Milky buddy, is the coolest, most fun-to-drink beverage brand among Filipino kids today. Childhood is a period of rapid body and brain growth and development. It has OPTI-GROW, a combination of Vitamin D that helps in the normal development of bones, and Iron & Zinc that supports normal cognitive development, also has protein to help build muscles.

*This milk drink is not suitable for infant feeding and is not a breastmilk substitute.

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