45 Minutes | Intermediate | Kid Friendly | Entrant





Freshly Ground Beef

1 sachet

MAGGI® Magic Sarap® 8g

0.5 tsp

Freshly Ground Pepper

1 tbsp

Vegetable Oil

4 slices

Melting Cheese

4 pcs

Burger Buns

0.25 cup


2 tbsp

Tomato Catsup

1 tbsp

Pickle Relish

4 pcs

Lettuce Leaves

2 pcs




Step 1

Mix ground beef, MAGGI® Magic Sarap® and pepper. Portion into 4 patties and set aside.

Step 2

Preheat a large pan and pour oil. Sauté burger for 2mins over medium high heat. Flip, place cheese and cook for another 2 mins. Remove and set aside to rest.

Step 3

Lightly spread butter on burger buns and toast until light golden brown.

Step 4

Mix mayonnaise, catsup and pickle relish. Spread lightly on toasted burger buns.

Step 5

Assemble lettuce, tomato and burger patties on buns. Serve immediately.

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