MILO ACTIV-GO Choco Malt Powdered Milk Drink 150g

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A mug of MILO® as part of the healthy breakfast gives kids nourishing energy they need to take on the day. MILO® contains essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium, to make a nutrient-rich drink for active kids. The delicious combination of MALT, COCOA, and MILK provides your children the energy and taste for a great breakfast and an active day. 

MILO®, the leading nutritious choco malt powdered milk drink in the Philippines, was introduced in 1964 and has been known for its unique taste that Filipinos love. Today, MILO® remains relevant as a delicious and nourshing drink for kids and adults to stay active through sports, building the champion spirit in them.

MILO® supports different sports programs like the MILO® Marathon, Summer Sports Clinics, and MILO® Barangay Liga. It also partners with sports initiatives and events like the department Education's Palarong Pambansa. These events furthered the role of MILO® in nourishing ambition of millions.".

Get a free MILO® Home Court™ jump rope and join us from June 1-30 as MILO® celebrates its main ingredient, MILK, on World Milk Day with 10 million skips. Simply share a photo or video of you jumping rope and indicate the number of skips you made. Remember to include the official hashtags: #MILO10Mskips and #WorldMilkDay. Visit for more information.

Contains food allergens: Milk and Gluten

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