Milo Horchata

Milo Horchata



24 tbsp


½ cup

White Rice, long grain (uncooked)

¼ cup

Almonds, sliced

1 tsp

Cinnamon Powder

2 cups

Water, cold

1 tsp

Vanilla Extract

2 cups

Nestlé Fresh Milk

2 tbsp

MILO® for garnish (optional)

1 pc

Cinnamon Stick, for garnish (optional)

2 tsp

Sugar (optional)



Step 1

In a blender, combine all the dry ingredients and blend until pulverized.

Step 2

Add all the wet ingredients and blend for another 30-60 seconds.

Step 3

Cover and chill for 8 - 12 hours.

Step 4

Strain mixture through a fine mesh sieve into a pitcher. Serve with ice if desired, garnishing each serving with MILO® or a Cinnamon Stick.

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